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About the company PPUH Zenek

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About company

Drawing on the experience of top breeders and the knowledge of the best specialists from the leading research centers in Poland, ZENEK Manufacturing Enterprise offers most perfectly composed bird food mixtures. Over the period of 20 years our company has learned perfectly well about the needs and expectations of our clients. Based on this experience we have been producing a whole variety of top quality pigeon mixtures. Using carefully examined seeds in our production process ensures highest nutritional value and guarantees top quality of the products. Adjusting recipies to the age and physiological condition of pigeons (resting, breeding, racing and moulting) is our main priority.

Our goal is creating a modern production assembly line equipped with a computer controlled system and a dosage system in order to maintain even higher product unification. For clients with slightly different expectations we offer composing mixtures of your own choice. Thanks to modern management systems our company has minimized production costs which allowed for optimum and competitive prices of our mixtures.

To ensure top quality products, ZENEK Enterprise closely cooperates with farmers and suppliers on whom we additionally place highest demands. Our enterprise expects best quality seeds and components to be grown or prepared with the use of the modern farming methods. Maximum restrictions on using chemicals and the application of natural fertilizers whenever possible, is a priority requirement for our partners. We employ highly qualified staff who follow the strictest quality and hygienic rules. The professional and reliable attitude of employees to the whole production process is our most valued and characteristic trait. Our concern for purity and proper quality of fungi-free and bacteria-free mixtures is of highest importance.

ZENEK mixtures have been composed and dedicated to all professional and amateur carrier pigeon breeders. The availability of mixtures throughout the entire year provides fully comfortable breeding conditions. We possess our own means of transportation which increases product availability and shortens delivery time. Our warehouse and store offer a wide assortment of pigeon and bird components, such as: barley, wheat, field beans, dari, kardi, canary seed, hemp, yellow peas, green peas, buckwheat, maize, flax seed, Mung beans, niger seeds, husked, oats, green field peas, brown field peas, yellow millet, red millet, Paddy rice, husked rice, rape seed, turnip rape seed, black sunflower, striped sunflower, husked sunflower, soy, lentils, sorghum, sesame seed, black vetch, brown vetch, peanuts and many others.

On sale there are mineral mixtures, grit, feeders, bird drinkers, shelves, ceramic and clay bowls, saddles, artificial eggs and other products.

We offer products of the following brands: Zenek, Agamat, Patron, Primasos and others.

Our feeds: top quality product for your pigeons.


PPUH Zenek

Bukowska Wola 57
32-200 Miechów

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