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Wholesale & Shop

Wholesale and shop for breeding racing pigeons and other birds

ZENEK mixtures have been composed and dedicated to all professional and amateur carrier pigeon breeders. The availability of mixtures throughout the entire year provides fully comfortable breeding conditions. We possess our own means of transportation which increases product availability and shortens delivery time. Our warehouse and store offer a wide assortment of pigeon and bird components, such as: barley, wheat, field beans, dari, kardi, canary seed, hemp, yellow peas, green peas, buckwheat, maize, flax seed, Mung beans, niger seeds, husked, oats, green field peas, brown field peas, yellow millet, red millet, Paddy rice, husked rice, rape seed, turnip rape seed, black sunflower, striped sunflower, husked sunflower, soy, lentils, sorghum, sesame seed, black vetch, brown vetch, peanuts and many others.

On sale there are mineral mixtures, grit, feeders, bird drinkers, shelves, ceramic and clay bowls, saddles, artificial eggs and other products.

We offer products of the following brands: Zenek, Agamat, Patron, Primasos and others.

Our feeds: top quality product for your pigeons.


PPUH Zenek

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